Personal Protective Equipment’s.

Get the ultimate supply and services for your personal protective equipment's.
EHS360 Labs – Personal Protective Equipment
  • PPE Repair Services:

Cleaning & Polishing, Leather sole replacement, Patch work, Insole change, Height
increase, Deodourising & Waterproofing, Heel Grip, Sole/Grip Pasting, PU sole
replacement, Rivet change, Heel change, Strap fixing, Counter Lining Replacement,
Recolor (Black, Brown & Blue), Grip replacement, Sole Protector, Stitching work, Heel
tips change, Shoe expansion (Only for leather & suede),

  • Respiratory PPE’s

Air purifying respirator (APR’s), Air supplying respirators, Air purifying particulate respirator, disposable or single use respirator, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs)

  • Non – Respirator PPE’s

Face and eye protection, Head protection, Foot and leg protection, Hearing protection, body protection, Safety belts and harness.

Personal Protective Equipment